Creating content that sells the best stories about your business.

What can I do for you?

I help businesses to find what makes them special, develop their unique voice and communicate this to their people. Why? To form meaningful relationships and drive more sales.

It’s my mission to empower businesses to be the best they can be. Are you underselling yourself and the benefits that you offer? I’ll work with you to create striking content that speaks directly to your target audience.

How do I work?

If you’re looking for flowery language riddled with jargon, you won’t find it here. Complicated language will confuse your customer and slow down the selling process. If you work with me, I’ll tell your message in its simplest, most appealing form.

First, I learn the language of your audience. Then, I develop marketing strategies and write content that will engage your people.

"I am constantly surprised by the sheer technical quality of Lauren's work and the fact she is such a delight to work with. As a copywriter, her attention to detail and her ability to get to the core value and meaning of what she writes is breath-taking. As a marketer, she has an inspiring sensitivity to her intended audience that makes planning campaigns seamless and profitable. I wholeheartedly recommend Lauren to any business that is looking to grow their audience, engage them and then turn them into raving fans."

Neil Simpson
Digital Marketing Coach